Partners on Your Journey

People come to LifeWork because they’re hurting or have a life problem to solve. They want solutions to problems they’re facing -- and support while they're facing these problems.

There are many ways to deal with challenges on the path to the Life You Want; the diagram invites you to consider some

Whether a particular issue would best be approached by EMDR, Psychotherapy, Career or Life Coaching, developing self-knowledge is essential. It is the key to our humanity, unlocks our powers and is the vital ingredient for psychological healing and living a life of intention.

At the same time, it can be difficult to reveal ourselves, step out from behind problems and begin the process of self discovery. It helps to have an objective, professional partner who can help you clarify your thinking, come to terms with painful issues, and create new internal and interpersonal psychological strengths, skills and tools.

We support you as you resolve problems and begin to move towards more satisfying life experiences. We listen, give feedback, identify opportunities for growth, provide tools to aid you and stay with you throughout your journey. We consider it a privilege to be invited into peoples' lives and treat each client with understanding and respect.

LifeWork is also our life’s work, the fruit of years of facilitating personal transformation with hundreds of people. We are inspired by their courage and by the wisdom embedded in their many paths.

As therapists and coaches we offer a virtual lifetime of know-how and success in helping people like you harness strengths and hopes, heal, regain excitement and enact your best intentions for your life. Our intention is to be a key source of encouragement, inspiration and powerful solutions for you.

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