About Us

As psychotherapists and life coaches,  we have a passion for getting inside the difficult problems people bring to us and discerning what social and psychological resources they may need.

Our experience and training has shown us that we all respond to our childhood experiences with repeated attempts to adapt in the best possible way.  Even a difficult symptom can originate as a manifestation of our desire to solve a problem. These ideas led us to study Transactional Analysis, Family Systems, Gestalt and Psychodynamic Therapies . We also studied trauma therapies and ultimately trained in EMDR in 1994. We are certified to practice EMDR.

All of these therapeutic methods contribute to a holistic approach and treat each person as unique, valuable and capable of growth and change.

During our years of helping people solve psychological problems, we became interested in Positive Psychology – how individuals, communities and institutions flourish. This orientation to well-being and nurturing positive traits also led us to our interest in Career and Life Coaching.

We are Connecticut licensed and Board Certified to practice as psychotherapists.

We are Certified Highlands Affiliates.

We are also trained in Career &Life Coaching and are members of the International Coaching Federation.

About Radha Jill

For many years, I’ve been fascinated with the process of attaining self-knowledge in order to be and live one’s true nature. In some traditions this is called the path of the warrior. I like the word warrior because I have found that it takes a measure of fierceness and courage to seek the truth and to live authentically. Following the warrior’s path also requires developing a practice that supports it. I enjoy reading and writing poetry.

For the past eight years I have studied several spiritual traditions and practiced meditation. I have both explored and lived the body/mind/spirit approach to wellness and illness.

I’ve been described as full of life and openhearted, curious and interested in people and their journeys. People trust me and are themselves with me. I believe in the inherent wisdom within each of us and in the power of staying connected to each other and to the world.

About Bob

I have worked in behavioral health delivery organizations as director, supervisor, staff member, and consultant on a range of work issues. I have experienced and appreciate many different organizational viewpoints and the value of resource development for people and groups.

When people work cooperatively in socially supportive efforts, they create energy and possibilities that can’t exist when we go our ways separately.

I am a sailor, and can think of life as a constantly changing sea, where we are guided by our resolve, our knowledge of navigation, our respect for changing weather and a clear picture of our destination.

People describe me as down to earth, steady, thoughtful and respectful of each person’s ‘inner light.’  I invite people to be themselves with me and enjoy working with others to create a growing and learning environment where inspiration comes from discovering and being who we truly are.