Our Services

Psychotherapy — session format with individuals and couples for effective resolution of emotional and relational problems. Several insurance plans are accepted (some in-network and others out-of-network) as is private payment.

Location: at our offices in Niantic and Waterford, CT

Specialty areas:

  • Anxiety and Panic Disorders
  • Depressive Disorders
  • Traumatic Events such as Auto Accidents, Public Safety and Work-place Incidents.
  • Trauma from Emotional, Physical or Sexual Abuse
  • Complicated Bereavement
  • Strengthening Recovery from Alcoholism
  • Couples Conflict & Growth Toward Greater Intimacy

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Our therapy roots, see:
EMDR: An adaptive information processing, mind/body system that can quickly assist persons with distressing emotional experiences and in developing stronger psychological resources.

Psychodynamic Psychotherapy: focuses on the influence of past  relationships on our present behavior, encourages self-reflection and insight and views the therapeutic relationship itself as a window into understanding a persons’ psychological/relational troubles.

Family Systems Theory: believes that an individual can best be understood as a member of a family system with it’s repetitive, interrelated patterns of behavior, rules, messages, and boundaries between members which  can both inform and obstruct.

Transactional Analysis:An easy-to-understand theory of personality and social interaction. TA emphasizes making it’s assumptions and therapeutic tools useable to anyone willing to study. It offers a rich array of relational concepts to use in analyzing and then changing  interpersonal and individual behavior.

Career & Life Coaching — navigating life transitions, career change and career conflict.  Coaching services are tailored to your needs, with fee and frequency of sessions set accordingly. Location: at our offices in Niantic and Waterford, CT. or at a distance by telephone and e-mail.

Specialty Coaching areas:

  • Highlands Ability Battery —  the gold standard in foundational information when (re)building career or navigating life transitions.
  • High School to College transition
  • College to Work transition
  • Strategic Career Planning
  • Re-entering the Workforce
  • Work-place Conflict
  • Career Change
  • Introversion: Work and Personal Satisfaction

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Workshops Cost effective, unique opportunities for learning and interacting with others in a community-like atmosphere.

Meditation and Mindfulness
Over the centuries, Meditation has provided it’s practicants with many gifts: stillness, increased concentration and efficiency, and a  profound connection, to the “present moment” of one’s life as well as to the larger Whole. Over the past several years, the field of psychotherapy has been introduced to the psychological benefits of meditation, particularly the Buddhist practice of mindfulness. Many other meditative traditions also offer a great deal in coping with the trials, pains and stress of modern life.

Meditation & You is designed to guide you in developing the basic skills used in all  forms of meditation: opening & softening the body, and working with one- pointed concentration on the breath.  We will also explore contemplation,  equanimity and compassion.  All these skills strengthen our mind, reduce anxiety and depression, and open up our personality.

Times To Be Determined;  Niantic, CT.
Participation limited to 8 people
$35/session (many insurance plans apply).

Expanding & Deepening Your Meditation Practice is designed for those who have experience with meditation and want to deepen their focus to include  handling difficult emotional states.  We will use guided mindfulness meditations  and loving kindness meditation.  We will also explore the practice of 4th century  Christian mystics (Desert Fathers) called Hesychasm as we deepen our connection to the stillness at our very center.

Times To Be Determined; Waterford CT.
Participation limited to 8 people
$35/session (many insurance plans apply).

Developing & Sustaining a Dynamic Daily Practice

In this hectic, over-stimulating sliver of the world we live in, feeling like a grain of sand, we all need ways to envision, remind and nurture the path we want to be on.

In development. Watch for description, dates and location.

Transforming Our Years

In some cultures, including ours, years are synonymous with decline, leaving us individually to find our way. What happens when instead we see ourselves as    harvesting all that we have learned in all its forms, and then begin making use of it for ourselves and with others.

In development. Watch for description, dates and location.