EMDR & Trauma Therapy

We searched for better, quicker, less arduous approaches for trauma clients for a long time and were excited to discover the potential of EMDR in 1994.  We have been continually pleased with its potency and effectiveness.

EMDR is a mind/body method which integrates the value in several different therapies.  It is designed to process trauma and difficult emotional experiences and does so relatively quickly.  It allows a client to work several mind/body channels concurrently while metabolizing difficult memories.  Over the course of treatment, EMDR seems to return clients to pre-trauma  functioning – no longer frozen, preoccupied, or flashing back – and with a more positive attitude toward themselves.

Over recent years, this powerful Adaptive Information Processing method has also produced protocols for other psychological needs, e.g. managing difficult emotions, complicated grief, enhancing performance, developing self-esteem and other desirable personal qualities.

EMDR has also proven invaluable for those whose traumas are complicated and repeated. It’s robust methods are adaptable to many life difficulties with solid, lasting gains.

EMDR is one of the most highly researched and validated psychotherapeutic methodologies.  For additional information go to emdria.org or emdr.com